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August 11th, 2006

(no subject)

Brokeback Mountain
Oh wow. Since I discovered slash I have thought cricketers were the perfect sportsmen to slash. And I never thought anyone would actually agree! I was just looking for slash communities to pimp my new comm in when I came across this place and just had to check it out. I know this place is small, but I sure hope other cricketing slash fans get on board because this sport has some damn fine players in it that just demand slashing! Not to mention those boys certainly give plenty of fuel for thought with some of their behaviours on the field... *winks* And no doubt in the change rooms, too! *double wink* I hope to see plenty of high rated fic here, maybe with characters like Vettori, Lee, Clark, Ponting and other captains - 'cause I so swear that players win favourite positions with their captains with sexual favours ;), otherwise how do we explain how Martyn stayed in the team for so long?!? =D

October 3rd, 2004

(no subject)

AJ nails
Title: Change is the only constant
Characters: Nathen Astle/Stephen Fleming
Rating: R
Complete: ???
Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction and bears no resemblance to real life events.
Description: You are pissing me off right now, and I want you more than ever. My eyes drop to the v of your shirt front. The deep wine colour of the silk against your skin suits you. I settle my eyes on the skin visible below your throat, a slight glow of sweat lighting your flesh. I wonder idly how it would taste on my tongue.

A/N: *Gasp* Yes - some cricfic!!! Inspired by reading some of natheybear’s cricfics. Not that this lives up to her standard, but I had to have a go anyway, just to see if I could. I have no idea whether anyone will read this, so I can’t say whether there will be any more at this stage.

And yes, it’s fiction and I apologise in advance for anything that doesn’t ring true.

This is real person slash. Don’t like, don’t read, don’t complain.

Change is the only constantCollapse )

July 17th, 2004

(no subject)

Um, Okay, im not sure anyone is actually going to read this, but who really gives a stuff.

Title: It Begins with Methionine and ends with you.
Author: Lazvernius
Rating: Depressingly PG
Disclaimer: I dont own these boys, all Im doing is telling huge lies about them.
Warning: Twincest
Pairing: Hamish and James Marshall.
Notes: I stole the title from Fleur, whom I tried to email about it, but she never wrote me back. Apologies.
These two are my favourite little pair, Ive kinda adopted them.

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February 15th, 2004

(no subject)

Hi people. I was wondering if anyone still visits this community.

February 17th, 2003

Cricket Community...

Hi All Cricket (the game, that is... not the insect ! ) Fanatics,

Come and join THE ONLY (?) Cricketing Community on LJ... World Cup 2003 is just round the corner.. (just 2 days to go...) .. we need some REAL excitement here !

Some really cricket crazy people there like dyinghappy, heartman, manusb, natheybear, origin4 and your's truly have already started making good posts.. (backed up with lot of research and predictions too... !)

So come on in guys and gals.. and lets enjoy the First Cricket Spectacle of the New Millennium ... ! :)

Some really good World Cup 2003 Links:

ICC World Cup 2003 Official Site

CricInfo.Org WC 2003 Site

Indiatimes.com WC 2003 Site

Sixes and Fours - LJ Cricket Community

One-Day Mataram Site

Thanks a lot.. and sorry for the multiple posts if u r subscribed to some other communities that I am too...



January 17th, 2003

Blasted computer!

rob conway - credit to Kristy
I was going to post a Christmas story (Jo's challenge) until this happened:

18 December - computer rebooted itself with no help from me
19 December - computer refused to boot up at all
21 December - hard drive taken away to get fixed
31 December - hard drive returned to us, complete with new disk drive.

End result of that is that I had to download everything I had downloaded before and I lost everything I had on the hard drive (including the Christmas story). Who knows? I might be able to post it in time for Christmas 2003!

November 20th, 2002


And This Is How It Will Be.

Cricketslash, nothing explicit, and I think my timeline's a little fucked up with the tours. Vettori/Harris, and how they always want something different but Daniel follows Harry anyway. Cross-posted in my LJ.

He never really had a choice.Collapse )

August 23rd, 2002

(no subject)

Hey, all. Just giving you a heads up towards my new fic archive. There's a couple of files - the cricket banner and part seven of Broken - missing, but otherwise please go have a look.

August 21st, 2002

bon soir

Feeling a bit blonde at the moment...it didn't take me that long to join this community ;o.P

Heh after all this time are we going to properly revive the cricfic thing?

I don't have any gems of literature to offer up at this point *ahem* ;o.) but would love to see what anyone else has been doing in the last however long it's been. So maybe I can hassle Jo less now :o.)

August 6th, 2002

first entry

rob conway - credit to Kristy
First entry for this community. Boring I know. But hey, someone's got to start!
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