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And This Is How It Will Be.

Cricketslash, nothing explicit, and I think my timeline's a little fucked up with the tours. Vettori/Harris, and how they always want something different but Daniel follows Harry anyway. Cross-posted in my LJ.

They were on strike, and it was for good reason, Dan supposed. He didn’t have all that many expenses; his flat was cheap and he was almost never there, what with all the time spent on tour or down at Lincoln, so what they got paid was more than enough for him. But because Harry went on strike, Dan went on strike, because what would he be if he didn’t imitate Harry in every way. The Players’ Association was a good idea but made for a real mob mentality, and Daniel thought it was rather ridiculous when all he wanted to do was play cricket, that’s what they were here for, and of course there was the World Cup in February, and how on earth were they meant to do well when they weren’t allowed to practise and Flem was going to be fired and they’d probably make Macca captain and they all knew Macca couldn’t captain his way out of a paper bag if given a map, and as soon as he thought about it too much Dan just wanted to take to a perfectly innocent wall with his perfectly innocent cricket bat.

And that wasn’t all, he got to sit by and smile nicely and not shoot Harry glares of death when he talked about his family and his young daughter, and it really wasn’t right to hate small children, but Dan hated Sophie. But Harry went on about how they weren’t paid enough to support a family, and really, Dan thought, rather nastily, the kid wouldn’t be in and out of hospital every five minutes if her mother hadn’t been too old to have a child.

Besides, he had no sympathy for Harry in this regard, because it hurt too much. Hurt that Harry even had a young family (and how could you call it young, Linda was six, seven years older than him). After all, when was it? In England? It must have been, and god, Dan thought, it’s been three years? - The last World Cup, it was, and the tour afterwards, and Harry running in to tell him he’d made the test team, and they’d laughed, and wrestled, and then sort of kissed - but it wasn’t kissing like Dan kissed all the girls, it was awkward as fuck and their noses had hit, and Harry had sort of laughed in the middle, and their teeth had smacked together, but at the same time Harry smelt of aftershave that wasn’t Daniel’s and there was something about that which was just… nice.

After that, they’d gone to South Africa, and things were okay but not great, and it wasn’t like Harry was his boyfriend, or anything, because he was far too old for that sort of thing, but they slept together and had sex that was rather fantastic for being with a man, and they were still best friends, but just best friends who did things. And they shopped together, and Macca tagged along because that’s what they were like, the three of them. And Mac would whine about having to buy stuff for Cherie, and Harry would sympathise and whimper about Linda’s expensive tastes and his bloody mortgage and Dan would stand there awkwardly and try to laugh at the right places. His timing was usually wrong.

Things got more and more messed up in the home series, and then everything happened with Dan’s back, and even when he came back the next year against Sri Lanka (and THAT series hurt to remember, no wonder nobody wanted to pay them when they couldn’t even play properly), he wasn’t back properly because Harry just - wasn’t. He was married, he reminded Daniel, and they couldn’t go on like this. Because she was bound to find out, Adam had practically told the fucking papers, hadn’t he, and it had taken a lot of manly back-slapping and quick excuses to make people believe that that didn’t mean exactly what it did mean.

What happens on tour stays on tour and they slapped Mav with a thousand dollar fine for breaking the cardinal rule. There were definite advantages to being fines master when bad things went down.

So Harry had called it off, and proceeded to prove Just How Straight He Really Was. Daniel went about doing the same thing by a different method - just going through as many girls as he could. And then they had wound up here, at the same crossroads, wanting to take different paths (Daniel was sick of being labelled a spoiled cricket brat who wanted more money without having to work for it) and yet going down the same one. Funny how things repeated themselves.

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