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Hi All Cricket (the game, that is... not the insect ! ) Fanatics,

Come and join THE ONLY (?) Cricketing Community on LJ... World Cup 2003 is just round the corner.. (just 2 days to go...) .. we need some REAL excitement here !

Some really cricket crazy people there like dyinghappy, heartman, manusb, natheybear, origin4 and your's truly have already started making good posts.. (backed up with lot of research and predictions too... !)

So come on in guys and gals.. and lets enjoy the First Cricket Spectacle of the New Millennium ... ! :)

Some really good World Cup 2003 Links:

ICC World Cup 2003 Official Site

CricInfo.Org WC 2003 Site

Indiatimes.com WC 2003 Site

Sixes and Fours - LJ Cricket Community

One-Day Mataram Site

Thanks a lot.. and sorry for the multiple posts if u r subscribed to some other communities that I am too...


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