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Cricket Fiction

Um, Okay, im not sure anyone is actually going to read this, but who…

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Cricket Fiction

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Um, Okay, im not sure anyone is actually going to read this, but who really gives a stuff.

Title: It Begins with Methionine and ends with you.
Author: Lazvernius
Rating: Depressingly PG
Disclaimer: I dont own these boys, all Im doing is telling huge lies about them.
Warning: Twincest
Pairing: Hamish and James Marshall.
Notes: I stole the title from Fleur, whom I tried to email about it, but she never wrote me back. Apologies.
These two are my favourite little pair, Ive kinda adopted them.

Doxyribo Nucleic Acid. DNA. Such a small part of us, yet so vitally
important. It controls every facet of our lives. Different for
everyone. Except us. When you get down to the building blocks of
life, we are the same person.
I love watching you sleep, always have. You snuffle and sigh; tonight
is hot and sweat drips down your neck. I breathe in our smell and
wrap my hands in your hair. We need a haircut. I would never
contemplate getting one without you.

It drives spectators crazy that they can't tell us apart.
Commentators get around it by calling us `Marshall', which annoys
people further, but its fine by us. We are one person; we only need
one name.
Being a Black Cap hurts. We never had different jobs until now. Even
when we were poisoning possums we were together. Now we are apart so
often and all I want to do is take you with me. I feel like half of
me is missing when you are not there. You feel the same way.

You move in your arm and wrap it over my shoulder in your sleep,
moving closer to me, resting your forehead against mine, like we did
when we were boys. We breathe as one.
I love that we have a history, one that stretches back to before we
were born, one that no one else can ever share. Loving you is a truth
I have understood for so long, if you took it away I would crumble
into dust. It is a truth that you need too.

My hands flit to your stomach and you squirm at my touch. We are very
sensitive there. I love making love to you because we know every kink
and knot in our bodies, we know what we like and what we don't and
what is pleasure and what is pain.
I want to push myself into you, rejoin our bodies that were so
cruelly separated. But if I do, you will surely wake up and you look
so peaceful at the moment. You smile in your sleep and I wonder if
you are dreaming of me. To each other we are cute, if not handsome.
Pug nose, curly hair, very short and slightly stocky. Our nickname in
the field is Superman, but we don't exactly look like Clark Kent. Not
that it ever mattered to either of us.

There is a grey dawn light behind the curtains and I wonder how long
I have been watching you. I consider it time well spent.
An acute sense of longing washes over me and I kiss you, feeling your
lips, soft with sleep, part easily and allow me into you. Your mouth
tastes sour and you begin to stir. Your eyes open a look of confusion
in them and you pull away.
"Wha… Hamish?" You are unsure weather you are sleeping or awake, if
you kissed me or I kissed you, even who you are and if it is your
head on my shoulders. I know, because the same confusion is coursing
through me. I untangle our voices and use one.
"Shhhh Jimmy, its okay, I'm here. Go back to sleep" you smile and
sigh and close your eyes. I follow suit, silently thanking the DNA
that split in half, gifting me with you.
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